2022... The Year of Content Marketing

2022... The Year of Content Marketing

2022 is the year of transformation away from traditional advertising and conventional marketing and moving forward towards developing digital content, putting relevant posts on social media, and spending fewer dollars for paid media.

For years so many companies have been spending huge amounts of money on paid advertising – developing ads for thousands of dollars not to even mention the media costs.  Now in 2022 more companies are creating or purchasing content and placing it on social media platforms and getting a much better bang for their buck.

Some interesting and important facts to consider:

  • The keywords that you’re targeting must be prominent in the blog content and be relevant to your target audience as well as the topic you are blogging about
  • Remember that blogging consistently will help you generate 88% more leads for B2B companies1 and will give you a significant ROI in return
  • One study found that the year-over-year increase in unique visitors to your website was 7.8% higher for content marketing leaders than for followers2
  • 60% of people felt more positive about a company after reading custom content (blogs) on their website and 70% of people prefer getting to know a company through its articles rather than paid ads3
  •  71% of a B2B respondent survey stated they reviewed a blog while on their buying journey4
  • 93% of online experiences today begin on search engines5. If you aren’t ranking for the right searches and appearing near the top of the list, you’re essentially invisible to potential customers.

It’s easy to see that this approach of adding relevant content to your marketing program gains better positioning on Search Engines which grows organic traffic, increases leads and converts them into sales at a fraction of the expense of paid ads – digital or traditional.

Note: It’s been shown that because people are much more sophisticated and knowledgeable these days about paid ads (Pay Per Click) on social media and the internet, they are much more likely to bypass the “Ads” and “Sponsors” and go directly to organic listings.

What You Need To Do Next To Get More Leads

Start by doing research into understanding your customers and your competitors.  Then develop a well-thought out strategy that focuses on solving your customers’ obvious and obscure problems using your products and services.

Your strategy shouldn’t end there. Once the initial marketing approach has been established, then the tactics (actions) have to be calendarized so that your content (blogs, videos, articles and posts) are created and synchronized to be published in a sequential order. This content strategy helps to get more visitors aware of your company and over time prompts them to take action, go to your website or a landing page, complete a form to get more information, or just pick up the phone and call.

In order to win new customers and rank higher in the search engines, you need to have content that is both relevant to your target audience and consistent over time…an occasional post now and then is not going to win you any new leads.

In order to get more eyeballs on your content, you need to address the pain points your target market is dealing with and then educate them about how to solve their problems. That will help drive traffic to your website and get more inquiries.

Content should reflect your brand, your company personality and your voice. You won’t be the right fit for every client or customer – and that’s okay. By telling your story in your own words and sharing your own experiences, you will attract the right clients over time – as they will relate to your brand messages.

By creating relevant content and bringing the prospective clients along with you on your marketing journey you are working to build credibility and trust and become a thought leader and an authority in your marketplace.