Inbound Marketing

Attract New Customers Through Inbound Marketing

We all know about outbound marketing—the ads, promotions, and other ways marketers try to get our attention so we buy their “stuff”. But inbound marketing takes a different approach meant to attract consumers to you. Inbound marketing draws users to your brand and keeps them engaged by offering relevant, informative content and by adding value at every stage in your customer’s buying cycle.

How inbound marketing works

The purpose of inbound marketing is to have potential customers find you through organic search and social media, and build their trust in your company prior to making a purchase. It encourages them to follow your company on social media and connect with you by email or through your website. They will come to rely on you for information they need as they research products and services and prepare to make a purchase.

If they value your brand content, your information and your way of doing business, they are much more likely to call on you when they need your product or service. And they’re more likely to share your blog, article, video or social post with others in their circle—further boosting your visibility and brand awareness.

MarketShare Communications’ inbound marketing tactics include:

  • Blogs (on your website and guest blogging on others with back links to your site)
  • Social media posts
  • Articles
  • Videos – tutorials, helpful tips, industry trends
  • Free downloads of white papers, guides, e-books
  • Strongly optimized keywords – remember, this is based largely on organic search
  • Strong call to action (download here, learn more, buy now, schedule today)

Inbound marketing made easy

When you partner with MarketShare Communications, everything about your marketing becomes easier, including inbound marketing initiatives. We cut through the confusion of what’s possible to help you with blogging, content creation, social media and so much more. Need some direction? Give us a call.