Blueprint for Targeting New Business in the Next 90 Days and Beyond

Blueprint for Targeting New Business in the Next 90 Days and Beyond

It seems apparent that for at least the next several months business will not be going back to normal as we knew it before Covid-19. That’s why it’s important to have a strategy for generating leads and harvesting new business.

Since last March many people have used Zoom & WebEx to network with groups and schedule one-to-one meetings and sales calls. That’s fine for people you already know, but what about your own strategy for attracting new prospects that aren’t already in your sales funnel?

We’ve put together a quick “blueprint” of ideas to help you begin this process:


  • Target potential clients that aren’t currently communicating with you
    • Use LinkedIn to research new people that you aren’t yet connected with
    • Join Groups on LinkedIn or Facebook to cultivate and connect with others
    • Ask vendors, clients, and friends for possible leads and connections
    • Tap into member lists from Chambers or other trade associations to which you may belong
  • Try using a video email tool such as BombBomb or Loom
    • These new apps allow you to record personal videos and then email them to your contacts
  • Record your own short videos with your phone and post on social media
    • Even better, do live Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn posts
  • Make a series of informative videos about your company and your products or services
    • Put them on your website and direct people to the videos through links on an email or social media post and don’t forget posting the videos on YouTube
  • Send regular INFORMATIVE and RELEVANT emails to your prospects and clients
    • Try to schedule Zoom meetings by using a calendar scheduling app
  • Become the authority in your specialty
    • Present before virtual groups of new people
    • Have an entertaining and brief PPT that can be quickly updated based on the topic of your presentation
    • Consider doing your own podcast or ask to be a guest blogger on someone else’s podcast


  • Sharpen Your Message
    • Review the messaging that you have been using and see if you can make it more descriptive, more enticing, more informative
  • Update your website because everything will be virtual well into and through 2021
    • Be sure your website is technically up to date, mobile, and secure
    • Freshen your content – write blogs, articles, white papers – to keep people returning to your website for more info
    • Include a CTA (Call to Action) such as an e-book download, a survey or some other reason for people too leave their contact information so you can follow-up with a personal correspondence
    • Learn and take advantage of new technologies available to make doing business easier
    • Try apps Calendly, BombBomb or Loom, Zoom or Webex, and others if you haven’t already used these
    • Make an offer your prospects “can’t refuse” such as a free month of service, a discount, or some other enticement that will help close the sale


  • Set your timetable
    • Make a realistic plan of all the things you have to accomplish in order to grow your business
      • Follow the plan
      • Always have a deadline for when you will achieve your goals
    • Block out a period of time every week for YOU to work ON your business and not just IN your business
      • Stick to your schedule. Treat yourself like a client.
    • Reevaluate your successes and challenges, then adjust and continue on using this blueprint
  • There’s no time to waste – 2021 is around the corner!

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