Yes, You Really Need A Social Media Campaign For Your Business

Yes, You Really Need A Social Media Campaign For Your Business

You may ask, what will Social Media do for my brand, my sales and my growth strategy?

Everyone knows that social media has grown over the past several years to be one of the most useful marketing tools since the company website first came on the scene. Social media platforms engage over 4 billion users globally. It’s no longer an option to have social media as part of your company marketing – it’s a necessity in order to reach out to prospects and customers, to educate them so they gain valuable insights into your company – it’s products or services – and grow your brand’s awareness in the marketplace.

Every company – small or large, retail or business-to-business – should take advantage of social media as part of a strategic marketing plan because it’s a relatively inexpensive way to reach out and get your message to a large target audience who will learn about you, trust you, hopefully share your information with others, and ultimately buy from you.  Be sure that the platforms you use are appropriate for your audience and your messages.

Brand building and social media

1. Increase brand awareness

With over 4.3 billion (yes, that’s billion with a B) people using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter it is the sensible place to reach new and potential customers.

2. Make a human connection with your brand

Start building relationships with good content and digitally communicate your messages to potential customers. Discuss experiences that your customers are getting from using your products/services or dealing with your company. What you’re doing is building authenticity and trust which makes the customer receptive to purchasing your products.

By humanizing your brand, you exhibit that you’re embracing your brand values. Talk about how your products work and what consumers can expect from you. This builds interest so prospective clients will be curious and purchase your products because they’ve read so many good things about the core values of you company. 

3. Establish yourself as a thought leader

People are searching for information on companies and products that would meet their needs. As the head of a business, use social media as the place to share relevant information about your company and products. Become an authority, a thought leader, as well as be the go to source for information about your products and services. 

4. Stay in front of your audience

According to a 2021 Pew research study over 70% of social media users log into their social media accounts at least once per day. Social media connects you with fans and followers consistently. Make sure your content is informative and holds your followers’ interest so you are top of mind.

graphic for Social Media Popularity Chart

Growing Your Company Using Social Media

5. Increase your website activity

By posting relevant content on social media platforms you can share information with a link to your website that includes blogs, new promotions, new products or services. By placing ads on social media platforms you drive visitors to a landing page with a Call to Action to buy or take advantage of a promotion, fill out a survey or download an article. 

6. Follow and connect with influencers

Referrals build business. When building your brand be sure to follow influencers who have a large audiences – this will associate you with the influencers and can bring immediate attention toward your brand and it’s products.

7. Generate leads

Social media offers an easy inexpensive way to generate new potential customers who have some interest in your products or services by offering them something – such as a free consultation, an e-book to download, a discount, etc. Lead generation is a byproduct of good social media presence and yours can be designed to create a place for visitors to get additional info from you about your company. 

8. Boost sales

Your social media can be a significant contributor to your sales initiative. Start the process of relationship building on your social media platforms as soon as you can. Your sales goals and social media marketing go hand in hand for business growth as people buy from businesses they trust.

In Social Media – Original Content Is Still the King

9. Promote original content

Good content is the single most important factor in creating a social media presence for your company. Be sure all content has a positive voice with factual, honest and relevant information that offers the visitor a reason to keep coming back to get more of what you’re talking about and what you’re offering. Original content is also important for your SEO as the search engines are always looking for something new and interesting that hasn’t been said quite the same way before.

10.  Social media messaging going viral

The Grand Slam in Social Media Marketing…is when people start sharing your posts and liking you on the social media platforms. That is the ultimate prize that drives brand awareness, more website visits and eventually more sales. Social media done right will expose you to new audiences. From even one post going viral you have the possibility to reach thousands or even tens of thousands or more people who are eagerly sharing your content with their networks.

In Summary

By having an active social media program with original relevant content, sharing others’ posts, by offering to your audience fresh ideas, you will create leads, gain new customers, become an influencer and gain advocates (raving fans) of your brand.