7 Ways to Refresh Your Content for Better Lead Generation

7 Ways to Refresh Your Content for Better Lead Generation

As businesses clamor to captivate people’s attention and stay relevant, there is a large emphasis placed on the need to keep content fresh. Having a regular cadence of new marketing content to keep your customer base engaged, is critical in maintaining a healthy path to your organization’s success. But where a heavy focus lies on constantly creating brand new content, refreshing the content you already have is often an overlooked strategy that is equally—if not more—important to keeping your content up to date and successfully marketing your brand. 

To refine your strategy and optimize your marketing plan, here are 7 steps your organization can take to update your existing marketing content!

Step 1: Establish strong goals

Start by taking a holistic view of your content and your brand overall. Really think about your goals: specific goals for each individual piece of content you publish, as well the overall goals of your organization.

Does your content have the value you are intending it to have, and do these goals tie in to your brand’s mission statement? Having the confidence about what it is you wish to accomplish in sharing your brand’s content will help you update your content accordingly.

Step 2: Audit your existing content

Take a look at all of your brand’s current content to evaluate which items are worth giving a refresh. Use an analytic tool to identify particular pieces of content that could use an update, by checking for significant declines. Such declines could be in terms of traffic, engagement, conversion rates on calls-to-action, or purchases and sign-ups.

Step 3: Update your content

Just because a piece of content may have been relevant when it was published does not mean it is still relevant anymore. In a content refresh, aim to provide your readers with relevant updates or new insights to this pre-existing content.

It is essential that you know what the message is you want to deliver, why you want to deliver it, and to whom your content is going —and that you understand that any or all of those things may have changed since this content was first published.

Step 4: Target your audience

Understanding your target audience, why your message appeals to them, and what makes you special over the competition, are all things to keep in mind as you update your content accordingly. Personalize your content to include things that your specific audience will take interest in. Use SEO strategies and buzzwords that your audience takes an interest in. Add new insights that your audience would find interesting.

Step 5: Improve visual appeal

There is a rise in popularity of image and video platforms like Instagram and TikTok, while text-heavy platforms like Facebook are on the decline. You can reformat your content accordingly, with an aim to provide relevant information, and to design it to be as quickly-absorbed and engaging as possible.

Mixing up the type of content you use, alternating between videos, images, blogs, podcasts, and employing interactive options like webinars and livestream, can help engage your audience and boost your content even further.

Step 6: Re-promote!

Promote your updated content by featuring it on your website, sending it out to your email list, sharing it on social media, running ads, and/or partnering with an influencer or another brand. Promote your refreshed content in the same way as you would promote new content. Viewers won’t remember that you posted something two years ago once it has been refreshed.

Step 7: Analyze results

Metric analysis is the best way to see if your strategy is working. Use an analytic tool to track what is working, and use this information to help with your next content refresh!

Having a structured plan in place to revise your marketing strategy and being in the habit of refreshing your content regularly is a great way to help reignite interest in your brand. MarketShare can help you come up with a plan and keep your content fresh. Set up a call with one of our experts today by contacting us at 973-299-8001 or fill out our Contact form.