Are you in a content rut?

Are you in a content rut?

We know it can be daunting coming up with creative content for social media week after week. So we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of 10 types of content ideas for your posts.

1) Promotion /Advertisement Post: Might seem like the most obvious, but make sure you’re promoting your products and/or services regularly! You never want to hear “Oh! I didn’t know you did that”, from anyone. Don’t assume your audience has thoroughly read through your website (or your blogs, emails, newsletters…really anything for that matter) to know everything you offer.

2) Brag Post: Have you been recognized for anything lately? Received a great, new testimonial? Have a success story with a client? SHARE IT! Your followers want to know and want to congratulate you! Good people love to see good people succeed. Some people feel funny about sharing something they’re proud of but if you get past that, you’ll realize sharing your accomplishments helps to build your confidence AND that of your potential customers with your ability to help them.

3) Activity or Event Post: Did you have lunch with a client? Post about it. Did you attend a networking event? Post about it. Did you finish up a great project? Post about it. Did you have a company team meeting? Post about it. Was it someone’s birthday in the office? Post about it. …you get the idea!

4) Scroll Stopper Post: There are several ways to create a scroll stopping post but for this example we’re going to discuss creating something VISUAL. If you’re creating your own content and you’re not already using programs like Canva or PicMonkey, now is the time to start! You want to create posts that are visually intriguing enough to make the user stop on your post for longer than they would any other post. So how is this done? Well, movement is one way – if you create a GIF or Meme and something moves across the image quickly it will catch the attention of the user and spark curiosity to find out what that was that moved so quickly. That way they’re more likely to stop and watch again. This is GREAT for the algorithm! The longer you can keep someone on your post, the better it is for your future content!

5) Problem/Solution Post: This is something we focus on with our clients all the time! As a business, you should be asking yourself ‘What problem do I solve?’ ‘What problems or worries keep my customers and prospects awake at night?’ Discuss these challenges and explain how you solve them! (It’s a little bit like the “Bragging Post” but with a definite solution).

6) Video Post: If you follow us, you know we emphasize the importance of video constantly. Don’t be nervous – talk about what you know best and what you do best. It doesn’t have to be this whole crazy production – just get a little stand for your phone, be in good lighting, turn your phone horizontally and talk! If you can, pop it into iMovie or any other video editing program, add some graphics, an intro and outro, and have your contact info on the screen the entire video. If the editing isn’t an option that’s ok! Doing the video is the key.

7) Question Post: This could also be considered a “scroll stopper”. The idea behind it is to give people a reason to comment on your content. The best one we’ve found is asking for people’s opinions! For example, if you’re wondering about which of two different professional photos to use on a business card, post them and ask your followers for their opinion! If you’re deciding on colors or logos to use – whatever it is – ask people and they will almost always give their two cents, so take advantage of that. (Even if you’ve already decided… get those comments!!)

8) Shared Post: I’m sure you’ve been scrolling and come across content that struck you – as informative, interesting, timely, controversial. It’s always good to share relevant content, especially if you have something important to add to it! And if there’s anything being discussed on the news pertaining to your business or your industry you should absolutely be sharing information about it and providing your expert thoughts!

9) Blog Post: This may seem obvious, but we’ve come across quite a few companies who post blogs to their websites and don’t share them on social media. Take a snippet overview of the blog – maybe the lead paragraph or some interesting bullets, link to the full blog and share! Share your emails and newsletters too!

10) Trending Topic Post: There’s a “National Day” for pretty much everything under the sun, so use them as part of your social media! Even if they’re not always relevant to your particular business, it’s absolutely ok to post on your professional pages. You’ll be surprised at how much interaction those fun posts get on your business page – even when they have nothing to do with your business! So post that puppy on National Puppy Day and post your pizza lunch for National Pizza Day! Post all the holidays too!

Hope these tips help! The main thing to remember is be consistent, be relevant and have fun.
If you have any questions about these suggestions, especially how to apply them to your business — or if you’d like to speak to us about handling all of your social media – give us a call at 973-299-8001.