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At MarketShare Communications, we love to talk about business and brand marketing—and all the ways we can help you boost, well, your market share. (Our principals, Ilene Greene and Ted Polmar, have been talking about it since 1988 and we’re not done yet!)

Looking for a marketing lift?

We specialize in elevating small and middle-market companies, closely held businesses and non-profits to new levels that catch all the right attention. How? By energizing their branding and expanding customer awareness to gain more market share and grow.

Call the team that refreshes!

  • Have your deliverables changed, but you’re still talking about the same old same old?
  • Did your customer base shift, but your messaging is still geared to the ones who are no longer buying?
  • Are you trying to reach your audience with old-school tactics no one is paying attention to?

No bells and whistles — no cute company mascots — just common-sense marketing

When you partner with MarketShare Communications, you get the benefit of our years in the business, our broad expertise in all things marketing, and our commitment to your success through sound strategy, customized to your needs. We’re not into shiny objects for their own sake because they’re often a waste of your time and money.

We take a logical approach to your marketing, to create a brand strategy that makes the best sense for your business and your goals. Sure, Twitter can be great for some companies, but email marketing might be a better approach for you. If your customers aren’t on Facebook, why spend money there when your marketing dollars may be more wisely spent on inbound marketing tactics that drive website traffic and sales.

One shop, lots of services

With MarketShare Communications, you get all your marketing needs handled from one agency. There’s no need to hire one person to handle social media, another to work on blogging or email marketing, or yet another to update your website. Once we develop a customized marketing strategy for your business, we take care of it all.

That said, getting results takes time and continual activity—one and done never yields great results. That’s why we typically work with clients on a retainer basis so that we can build a long-term relationship and roll out various campaigns and activities based on sound team strategies—and improve it all along the way together, to get the best ROI from your marketing dollars.

Our Team

The brains (and fresh marketing ideas) behind MarketShare Communications belong to Ilene Greene and Ted Polmar—spouses, business partners, and fun people to know.

Ilene Greene, President & Founder

“I live for my Monday Marketing Minutes”

Ilene started her career in the advertising music business, producing jingles for radio and TV commercials. After working as an account executive for an advertising design company for two years, she opened MarketShare Communications in 1986 to bring results-driven marketing and advertising services to small and middle-market companies in northern NJ and the NY/NJ metro area.

In 2004, Ilene merged MarketShare Communications with Design Graphics and became co-owner with her husband, Ted Polmar. In October of 2008, Ilene was inducted into the NJ Advertising Club’s Advertising Hall of Fame and in March of 2009, was named one of New Jersey’s “50 Best Women in Business” by NJBIZ. Ilene is a frequent speaker at local civic groups and professional organizations on marketing strategy, branding and small business marketing.

Ilene has held leadership positions with various business organizations and trade associations over the years including: 

  • Montville Chamber of Commerce
  • Morris County Chamber of Commerce
  • NJ Advertising Club
  • Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey (CIANJ)
  • BizCircles Networking Events 
  • Continuing and Professional Education Center of William Paterson University 

Ted Polmar, Co-owner & CMO

“Will work for toasted bialys with lox and a shmear”

Ted’s business background began in medical equipment and supplies. He became a marketing manager for IPCO Hospital Supply, a national distributor, where he developed new products for the hospital marketplace. Never one to miss an opportunity to create products that meet a need, Ted later developed his own operating room sterilization tray business.

In 1976, Ted founded Design Graphics, an advertising and marketing agency, and merged the company in 2004 with MarketShare Communications. As the company’s chief marketing strategist and a certified facilitative leadership trainer, Ted has the unique ability to clearly delineate business problems using a team approach. At MarketShare, we leverage those talents to develop marketing and branding programs for clients based on sound business strategies that increase business revenues while growing bottom-line profitability.

Ted has been involved in various business organizations and trade associations over the years including:

  • Morris County Chamber of Commerce 
  • BizCircles Networking Events 
  • Continuing and Professional Education Center of William Paterson University 
Keith Sturgill, Web Developer

Keith Sturgill, Web Developer

Keith has been with MarketShare since 2006 and is our website guru extraordinaire! If it has to do with your website – Keith can handle it. Everything from creating dynamic websites, to figuring out custom code, handling hosting & domain issues, and everything in between. Keith loves a good challenge and in all the years he has been with MarketShare, he has never NOT figured out a website problem. 

Keith raises cockatiels and finches and they are often heard singing at one of our strategy meetings late in the afternoon. We appreciate their “Tweets”!

Danielle Speciale Hershkovitz, Social Media Marketing

Danielle Speciale Hershkovitz, Social Media Marketing

Danielle joined our company in 2015 after leaving her NYC finance job. With her degree in Marketing and 8+ years of experience in sales and marketing, she plays an integral part in our strategy meetings. 

Danielle handles all things social media including: strategy, creating unique content, managing posts on all social media platforms, tracking analytics, creating and managing promotions, capturing and growing audiences, and engaging with followers. 

In her spare time she takes care of Kelsey – her adorable daughter – and husband Brett. Kelsey sometimes attends our Zoom meetings when she is not in daycare!

Genevieve Mitchell, Social Media Marketing

Genevieve, who joined our company in 2022, is a social media specialist. Prior to joining us, Genevieve graduated from Rutgers University in 2018 with a degree in English. She has prior experience working in social media and corporate event planning.

Genevieve handles planning and implementing of social media for several client accounts, helping them grow their following, interactions, and lead generation. She is also our in-house video editor and helps make web and social media videos become more dynamic.

In her personal life, Genevieve is a wife and mother of a 1-year-old son. When not working, she enjoys reading, knitting, and going for walks.

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