Marketing Collateral Every Business Needs!

Marketing Collateral Every Business Needs!

Most people today want to have just “digital assets”. They want everything online and available for email, to put on their website or share on social media. To a great extent that is true. However, there are still many situations when you want to have a hard copy of something to hand to a potential client, to share at a networking event, or to present at a board or association meeting.

Yes, yes, we know the argument…the world has gone totally digital and no one needs ANY print materials any more. We believe that whether you are just starting out in business or have been in business for several generations, whether you are a small “mom & pop” or a multi-regional corporation, your company should have some Marketing Collateral materials.

Figuring out which types of marketing collateral your business needs is important and of course will be different for every business. We have composed a list explaining which types of marketing documents might benefit your particular business.

Here are a few really important items you should consider as part of your marketing arsenal.

Business cards

It goes without saying that every business should have a general business card with company name, logo, address, website, email address, phone number and business tagline. Any employee who interacts with customers or goes to outside meetings, should have business cards.

Business cards are your own “mobile” billboard. They should travel with you wherever you go, and should be shared with everyone you meet, including your dentist, hairdresser, dry cleaners, and favorite pizza guy. Why? Because everyone knows someone who needs something that you offer.

Your business card should have your business logo, business name, your name & title, address, website, email address, phone number(s) and business tagline. Every one of your employees should have their own business card and be instructed to share it with everyone they meet.

Most importantly – and we can’t stress this enough – make sure you don’t need a magnifying glass to read the type! If you have a lot to say, print on two sides of the card, or use a fold-over card design.

If you own a B2C (business-to-consumers) Company:

Product or Service Sell Sheet

A one-page sheet (can be 1 or 2 sides), which is an overview of your main products or services, can be used as a take-away for customers and should be visible to all who enter your establishment.

Company Overview Fact Sheet

If your business has a unique company history or company culture, is a multi-generational business, or has multiple business locations, produce a company fact sheet to display this type of information that others may find thought-provoking and help drive business.


This is a two-sided folded brochure that is more In-depth with text and pictures describing your company, products or services and contact information. This should always be at the front desk where customers check out or available to hand to someone asking about your business.

Sales or Special Events Flyers

For brick & mortar businesses that run periodic sales or hold special events open to the public, flyers should be made to hand out to customers, post in other local shop windows, or shared at chambers and other community get-togethers.

Presentation Folders

If you have a business that offers products and services with a lot of information for a prospective customer – e.g., a real estate company, or an insurance company, to name a few –professional folders designed with your company’s branding/logo and contact information, is a great way to leave behind your various documents. This will keep all of your information in one neat place for the customer showing your ability to be neat and organized, as well as having your contact information right at their fingertips.


Postcards are an inexpensive way to get important information in front of local customers. They are a great vehicle for sending discounts or coupons, announcing special events, updating customers on new products or services, and even reminding customers to make an appointment, stop by to say hello and keep in touch with cute, colorful visuals and uplifting messages.

If you own a B2B (business-to-business) Company, besides many of the above:

Corporate Brochures

Have a professionally designed brochure that includes in-depth content, illustrations and images, description of the company in detail, its products or services, background material and all contact information.

Press Kit

As part of your marketing collateral you should consider a press kit. This can include your business card, a one-page company overview sheet, bios of the principals, clients, background info about the firm and other pertinent information that can be used to send press releases to local and regional media, shared with the organizer of a conference, or for handing out at a speaking engagement.

Success Stories or Case Studies

Brief case studies, reviews or testimonials about how your products or services helped other customers achieve their goal or otherwise benefited them is a great way to show off your business.

Think about different ways to distribute the marketing collateral once it has been created. Your marketing materials won’t bring in new business if they sit in your office in the box from the printer. Create it, print it, use it and refresh it often as business changes.