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Social Media Marketing – Instantly Engage with Customers & Prospects

In today’s business environment, a marketing plan is not complete without including social media marketing. However, we also know it’s important to a) be where your audience is and b) create social media posts that align with the platform and your brand voice.

Get social with your audience

Social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, to name just a few, are part of an overall marketing strategy—and a great avenue for getting your messaging and branding “out there.” And it can be done in real time, which makes a big difference when you are running a special event, having a sale, or want to make an announcement.

Social media is a powerful way to build brand loyalty and grow your audience When users follow your account, interact with your posts, or share them with others, that’s your social currency—and your key to increased brand awareness. Social platforms are also excellent vehicles for digital advertising that drives traffic to your website or landing pages.

MarketShare’s social media management and content marketing program includes:

  • Consulting with you about your goals
  • Guiding you on the best channels for your type of business and audience
  • Building a dynamic social media strategy
  • Linking social media channels to your website
  • Researching your industry/profession for trends, new topics, and articles of interest
  • Writing compelling content for blogs, articles, or social media platforms
  • Scheduling and posting content
  • Social listening – monitoring your channels and alerting you to comments on your social posts
  • Sharing information and connecting you to new people and companies
  • Driving sales by creating and posting targeted ads on appropriate social media platforms

Ready to get social with your customers and prospects? We’ll help you grow your audience base and expand your reach by developing an effective social media strategy relevant to your niche.

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Like all marketing tactics, social media is just another tool in the marketing “tool kit”. Social Media is an excellent way to have an open dialog and build your brand messaging with your prospects, vendors and clients.
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