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We are your support team to help solve your website problems, updates and maintenance.

Website Fixes

Sometimes you will notice that your website is just not functioning properly…or at all. Maybe your site is down, and you don’t know why! Oftentimes it is a hosting issue or could be due to a software/security issue and you have no idea how to fix it. Clearly you have better things to do than spend hours on the phone with some Host support or website designer who has no idea how to fix the problem. Here are some of the things we can take care of:
  • Hosting issues – website is down
  • Broken links
  • Forms not functioning
  • Error codes

Website Updates

Is the copy, content or images on your website obsolete? Are you having functionality problems? Does your site run too slowly? If you wish you could update these but don’t know how or have no time to stay up-to-date, we have your back. Here is what we’ll do for you:
  • Update the appearance and content per your requests
  • Handle new functionality requests
  • Create new or update forms
  • Add new web pages
  • Increase speed of slow loading sites
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance programs available

Website Security Updates

These days the security of your website is of the utmost importance. Therefore you need to be sure that your site is secure, or your visitors may go elsewhere. Let us assess your site to be sure it is current for SSL security. Or if not, we can get you updated so that you will have no security issues.
  • Security evaluation
  • SSL certificates
  • Scheduled off-site backups

Software Upgrades

Oftentimes throughout the year the major software producers such as WordPress and Drupal offer updates for maintenance issues and security of the software as well as general updates to the versions running. It is essential to be current on most of these WordPress and Drupal, etc., issues and updates as they can affect the functionality of your website. We can do the following:

  • Troubleshoot your software to determine any issues
  • Take care of software security updates
  • Take care of all regular maintenance updates

Website Migration & Hosting

From time to time you may find it necessary to move your website from your current Host. This is not an easy task for a lay person to accomplish especially when you have cell phones, tablets and laptop devices that all have to be coordinated to work properly with the new Host. When you are ready to migrate your website, we suggest that you give us a call.

  • We’ll move your website from your current Host to a new Host seamlessly
  • We will do the migration during business “off hours” so that your site has the minimum downtime
  • After migration, we will coordinate to make sure that all your devices are working properly, forms are being emailed, and all backend technical issues are resolved

If you are interested in a new Host, we can discuss hosting you on a Premium Hosting package at a very affordable price.

Mobile-friendly conversion

Several years ago, Google rolled out a new version of their search algorithm that requires websites to be “mobile-friendly” in order for Google to deem them “viewer-friendly”. So, what does this mean for you? Today having a “responsive website” (read mobile-friendly) is essential if you want to be found on Google search on mobile devices. We see many websites that are still not mobile-friendly and should be converted ASAP. Here are some reasons you need to be mobile-friendly:

  • Your regular desktop version will shrink down to fit all size screens including phones and tablets making viewing much easier
  • Mobile viewing on phones and tablets is on the rise every year
  • Your site will load faster on mobile devices
  • You’ll have better SEO
  • Your customers expect it!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As search engine algorithms change weekly and even daily, the methods for getting a website to rank higher on the search engine results pages have evolved as well. It is important for your business growth that your website be found by the major search engines whenever possible. So, how do you increase your website’s visibility on search engines? In other words, how do we optimize your website? Our SEO program includes:
  • Initial keyword research and consultation
  • Review of your website to be sure the site and code are search-engine friendly
  • Review and assess your on-page content; organize, rewrite and/or edit content as needed
  • Ongoing link building
  • Submission of your URL and blogs/articles to directories and authoritative websites
  • Detailed monthly traffic & usage reports
  • Continued monitoring and updating of SEO data
SEO is an ongoing program with a 3-month minimum.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Some companies need to keep their website current and update often. This could include such things as blogs, newsletters, staff changes, events and news alerts, content and image revisions, and the like. Many firms want to be sure that their websites are backed-up regularly, software is current and security updates are taken care of in a timely manner.

If you do not have a person dedicated to updating your website on a regular basis, we can help. We have several very affordable maintenance plans for small and medium companies, including plans for solopreneurs. Why waste your valuable time trying to figure out what to do, worrying that you might make a mistake and mess up your website.  Here’s what we can do:

  • Send us all copy and image updates monthly, they will be replaced and updated within 12-24 hours
  • We will automatically check for software (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) updates and take care of those for you seamlessly
  • We will let you know when there is a security update needed and get it done within 12-24 hours of being notified
  • We will check to make sure that your website is functioning properly
  • We can create new forms and new pages as requested

Ask us about our ongoing website maintenance programs. Contact Us

Website Design & Development

MarketShare Communications is a Premier Digital Marketing Agency in NJ. We design and develop custom responsive, mobile-friendly websites. With over 30+ years in business we have the vast experience and deep understanding of website design and development and will make sure your website:

  • enhances your company brand
  • offers a superior ‘User Experience’ (UX)
  • is search engine friendly
  • is interactive
  • and helps attract and grow your business.

If your current website needs a “facelift” or if you think it’s time for a brand new website, give us a call at 973-299-8001 or contact us to learn more about MarketShare’s full-service digital marketing strategies and website development.