Email Marketing

Email Marketing builds a relationship with customers

Email marketing enables a company to build a one-on-one relationship with a customer in a way that social media cannot, and it can be tested and tweaked to optimize the effectiveness of the message.

MarketShare knows how to get your messages out to your target audience at the right time, create email campaigns that improve the open-rate and click-throughs to your website, help to build your database and increase new customer contacts.

Features of our email marketing program:

  • Copywriting of subject line and content for emails
  • Customizable newsletters
  • Personalized email templates
  • Lead generation campaigns and auto-responders
  • Responsive design for all digital devices
  • Link email to social media platforms
  • Individual campaign reports
  • List cleaning (engaged /non-engaged emails)

At MarketShare, our email marketing programs are designed for every size business, whether large or small, with a variety of specialized features that can be customized to match your business’s goals and desired marketing budget.