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Who Is Marketing Your Business?

Who Is Marketing Your Business?

A classic dilemma of most business owners and managers today is that they spend almost all of their time time “working IN their business and very little time working ON their business!”* The fact is that almost 90% of small businesses don’t even have a marketing plan!

If you’re like many small and middle market business owners or managers, marketing your company is an overwhelming task. You need marketing solutions that will attract new customers, bring about steady growth, get your name “out there” and ensure positive results. So where do you begin or how do you focus your efforts…especially in today’s Mobile/Digital/SEO/Social Media world?

If you’re a business owner looking down the road to a successful future, you need to know how to navigate the bumps along the way in order to arrive at the finish line.

After all, it’s difficult to reach your destination if you don’t know where you’re going.

Here are some tactics that you can use to get you started:


Your time is the first step is the most important: set aside some time every month to plan your marketing activities for the months ahead. Schedule this time on your calendar and stick to it as if you were a client. If you can’t hold yourself accountable to do this, get someone in your organization to hold your feet to the fire. Write down your goals for your marketing efforts and be realistic.  


At your first marketing meeting “with you” write a marketing action plan and decide on a marketing budget.

  • Do you need a new website?
  • Would you like to blog every week?
  • Is an active social media program something your company should have?
  • Do you need new print materials for trade shows or client presentations?
  • Would you like to reach out to clients more often by email?

Write down everything you want to accomplish…then break down the tasks into achievable goals month-by-month and quarter-by-quarter.


Take careful stock of what you, and those on your staff, can realistically accomplish.

  • Do you have the manpower to do all the things that you would like to tackle in order to market your organization?
  • Does your staff have the knowledge and ability to execute the marketing projects for your company?
  • Can you and they consistently handle the website updates, writing fresh content, blogging, using social media and SEO?

Today the rapidly changing social media landscape has leveled the playing field for businesses across the globe. You need to be in the game and up at bat 24/7/365 to keep your customers engaged with you and your company.

If you do not have the wherewithal or the staff to handle the marketing, consider hiring an experienced marketing company. That way you can be assured they will be busy at work ON your marketing, making your products or services more visible, more desirable and more profitable so you can get back to work IN your business doing what you do best!

*The E-Myth by Michael Gerber