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The Magic of Selling Course - 4 Part Series of Executive Sales Training

The Magic of Selling Course - 4 Part Series of Executive Sales Training

Want to be much more effective at sales?  

Have dreams of achieving your goals – maybe even becoming a Sales SuperStar?  

If the answer is YES, then come join us for this series which promises to be educational, motivating, inspiring and fun! Be the best at selling that you can be. No matter how long you’ve been in business, The Magic of Selling techniques will sharpen your sales ability and improve your sales performance.

Who Should Take This Course?

The Magic of Selling Course is for all business people who want to up their game and dramatically grow their book of business. This will appeal to sales newbies (1-3 years), seasoned veterans who have sold for decades and everyone in between. 

Here's what you will get: 

  • Session One - Some of the World’s Greatest Sales Tips 
  • Session Two - Meetings
  • Session Three - The Psychology of Selling and Mindset
  • Session Four - How to Become a Jedi Master at Getting Referrals and Building Strong Strategic Alliances

About the Author & Instructor: Dan Hollis

Dan Hollis is the founder and sales trainer/coach for The Magic of Selling. He is also the author of The Magic of Selling: A Treasure Map to Bigger and Better Sales as well as an accomplished radio host. Dan has spent over 29 years in outside sales primarily in media. As a full-time sales trainer and coach, he helps sales people sell more effectively through his enthusiasm and wisdom.