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Does Your Company Need a “Marketing Intervention?”

Does Your Company Need a “Marketing Intervention?”

You may ask – what IS a Marketing Intervention anyway? How do I know if my company needs one? It’s time to consider an “Intervention” when you realize that everything related to marketing your firm should be updated and refreshed. It’s a time to Re-Market, Re-brand, and Re-Invent your company’s position in your marketplace. This is how we see a Marketing Intervention:

  • Re-Vitalize Your Vision Statement Review, update and augment your original vision – the purpose of your existences

  • Re-View Your Company’s Core Message Be sure present and prospective customers understand what you do, what you can do for them, and what benefits there are to working with you rather than your competitors.
Re-Plan Your Marketing Strategies Look over your old marketing plan. If it’s more than two years old write a new one that includes a marketing budget, media budget, and plans to make more people aware of your company, your products, and your services.

  • Re-Generate Your Lead Generation Are you taking advantage of Social Media? Are you Blogging? Do you have Facebook and LinkedIn business pages? Are you networking? Are you listed on the first page of the popular search engines?

  • Re-ferrals Are you actively soliciting your customer base to generate new referrals and do you or your sales team follow up on these “hot leads”? 
Re-Connect Are you and your sales team reconnecting with past clients and seeking new people to meet with? Are you turning your contacts into business connections?

  • Re-Finance Your Marketing Yes, marketing does cost money! However, if you allot a small budget for marketing every month with a plan how to use it, you’ll be able to make new marketing initiatives happen - update your website, send monthly e-blasts, start social media, and create a newsletter.

So what is your next step? Re-Organize how you think about your marketing and you’ll absolutely see Re-Markable Results!