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A strong, motivated sales force is crucial to the survival of your business

  • Are you totally satisfied with your sales volume?
  • Do you feel like you should be selling more than you are?
  • Do you wish your sales team was getting better leads and closing more sales?

If your business has a responsive and well optimized website, a robust social media and email marketing program, and yet sales are not where you think they should be, you probably need some professional sales training.

Whether in-person (outside sales) or over the phone (inside sales), selling takes a great deal of skill and good salespeople are always refining their techniques. MarketShare is now offering sales training and one-on-one sales coaching run by a team of experienced sales trainers that have proven results.

You and your sales team will be taken on a journey through the world of sales. The objective is to introduce proven techniques, tips, strategies and skill-sets which will help everyone sell from a position of strength and be much more effective in their sales career. Offered up are cutting edge, customized selling tools coupled with wisdom and a wealth of valuable information which will help maximize production, increase sales and meet all objectives. This is all done within an atmosphere of learning filled with new insight, perspective, motivation, and inspiration.  There will be countless takeaways throughout each day that can be applied immediately.

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Featured Program

The Magic of Selling — Sales Training and Coaching

MarketShare can teach you and your team to become a selling superstar with our Magic of Selling program, presented by Dan Hollis. Whether you run your own business or work for a company in a sales-related role, you need to hone and perfect your ability to sell. Customers are intuitive, and they can sense when a sales person is passionate and believes in their product or service.

Learning Objectives - What Can I Expect?

 We’ll teach how to Master the Big Four

1) Belief in one’s product or service (transferring your belief to others – THE WHY!)

2) Product knowledge (know your product or service inside out)

3) Handling objections effectively (be prepared; this wins them over)

4) Relating to all kinds of personalities (understanding these personalities)


  • bonding & rapport  (finding levels of commonality)

  • body language (body language tells you so much)

  • the words we use (words are very powerful; choose them wisely)

  • organizational skills  (never let anything slip through the cracks)

  • planning ahead/thinking moves ahead  (be prepared, plan out how it may go)

  • strong preparation  (having stronger meetings)

  • digging into pain  (where the prospect is, versus where they want to be)

  • closing the deal  (bringing it home)

  • pattern interrupt (shaking it up)

  • building confidence   (confidence breeds confidence)

  • the importance of listening  (vitally important)

  • prospecting   (how to)

  • negotiating  (another art form)

  • beliefs and removing head trash  (it’s all upstairs in your head)

  • the importance of referrals  (Referrals are King) and strategic alliances

  • evaluation/tracking   (know what is going on)

  • scripting  (scripts for many situations)

  • debriefing  (evaluate yourself and your actions to improve)

  • goal setting and time management (short term, long term…business, personal)

and a great deal more…

About the Author & Instructor: Dan Hollis

Dan Hollis is the founder and sales trainer/coach for The Magic of Selling. He is also the author of The Magic of Selling: A Treasure Map to Bigger and Better Sales as well as an accomplished radio host. Dan has spent over 29 years in outside sales primarily in media. As a full-time sales trainer and coach, he helps sales people sell more effectively through his enthusiasm and wisdom.

Dan has a very unique style and approach to teaching and has helped implement countless successful solutions. Dan has always possessed the ability to work with all levels of sales: to teach, listen, motivate and inspire. Salespeople who have worked with Dan are now much more successful and confident when selling their products and services. At the core, Dan loves selling and loves to teach the art of selling. Helping others is truly his biggest reward. 

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