CentraState Community Health Plan

CentraState Medical Center was in need of an agency to help them with a new healthcare initiative. We were engaged to help design and produce a multi-channel marketing and advertising campaign to build broad public awareness for the new CentraState Community Health Plan. We offered two different creative concepts to the client per their suggestion with the main concepts being Quality Care That’s Affordable and Neighbors Insuring Neighbors. We came up with, “It Pays to Get Healthy – Discover The Rewards” which went along with their new health and fitness center that had just been built at CS Medical Center. The other concept to drive neighborhood buy-in was, “The Smart Choice is Here”… “Here” being a play on words for local and current.

Once the client chose the creative direction we worked closely with the strat firm to develop the marketing materials. To kick off the campaign we designed several billboards to familiarize people in the region with the new health plan. We then designed and helped to write put a brochure explaining the benefits and programs of the health plan, which was used to attract businesses. We also produced a full page ad for local publications and digital ads for online marketing purposes. Finally to build additional awareness and drive inquiries, we wrote the script for radio spots that aired on local stations near CentraState.

Client: CentraState Healthcare System

Services: Campaign Creative Concepts, Strategic Marketing, Copywriting, Brochure, Billboard Design, Print Ads, Digital Ads and Radio Scriptwriting.