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Case Study:
Spirajoule NA

Spirajoule NA, is a manufacturer of specialized industrial heating equipment used in plants that process food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. The parent company is in France and had an antiquated website that was not functional for a US Market. Their logo was outdated looking as well. With a new North American Sales VP on board, we were hired to give the logo/brand and website an overhaul and develop marketing and technical materials for the US and North American industrial marketplace.

We gave the original logo a fresh new look, added a tagline, and totally redesigned the website, updating the look, making it responsive, and rewriting much of the copy. We wanted the site to act as a technical resource for US distributors and clients, so we added all the technical worksheets and made everything downloadable and printable. Upon seeing the new website, the parent company deleted their old website and linked to the new one. We included some of the original technical brochures, written in French, on the new website for Canadian and European markets.

We then developed new technical brochures to match the branding of the new site and created several corporate and sales Powerpoint decks for the VP to use when making presentations to new clients and distributors.

Several press releases were written throughout the year and sent to national and regional trade publications announcing the new website as a technical resource for industrial clients.

When all of this work was completed, we began an email campaign to their target market, in the format of a monthly technical newsletter called The Spirajouler. This garnered tremendous praise from the technical clients who received it, as a great resource for learning about the company’s products and all of its applications in the industrial market. We had excellent open rates with this email campaign.

Client: Spirajoule NA

Services: Website design and development, Strategic Marketing, Eblasts, Technical Brochures and Worksheets, Public Relations, PPT Presentations, Newsletters

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