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MarketShare – A Multi-Channel Marketing Agency

Often businesses find use several different vendors to achieve their marketing requirements. Using separate companies to handle advertising, marketing strategy, website design, printing, and social media, to name a few, can fast become a challenge which is time-consuming, ineffective, and expensive.

This often results in poor service and quality as well as confusion of the brand message and confusion for the client. It can quickly become an impossible task to control and jeopardizes your marketing strategy across the board. The traditional solution has been to bring this work in-house. However, this creates its own problems and not only involves taking on extra employees, but also creates additional cost implications such as healthcare, vacations, taxes, etc. MarketShare has better ideas…

  • A more cost-effective way – an integrated, multi-channel marketing agency!
    MarketShare provides services ranging from market strategy, graphic design, communications, web design, print management, social media and so much more.
  • We realize that ‘one-size’ doesn’t fit all.
    Other marketing agencies try to fit all of their clients into one basic package and then can’t understand why those clients are so unhappy and disappointed with the results. MarketShare customizes every marketing program.

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