Email Marketing

How can you get your email messages to translate into click-throughs with a high open-rate. MarketShare knows how to get your messages out to your target audience at the right time, create email campaigns that improve the open-rate and click-throughs to your website, build your database and increase new customer contacts.

Email enables companies to build a one-on-one relationship with a customer in a way that social media cannot, and it can be tested and tweaked to optimize the effectiveness of the message.

Why you should consider e-mail marketing:

  • It’s controllable – you can send it when you want to
  • It’s measurable – you know exactly how many people opened it, how many clicked through to your website or landing page and who they are
  • It’s affordable – and there’s a visible return on investment

Features of our email marketing:

  • Copywriting of Subject Line and Content for Emails
  • Customizable Newsletters
  • Personalized E-mail Templates
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Responsive Design for All Digital Devices
  • Link Email to Social Media Platforms
  • Individual Campaign Reports
  • List Cleaning (Engaged /Non-Engaged Emails)

Email reports:

Email reports measure the performance of your email campaigns in real time. From one-off messages and trigger emails to targeted and automated drip campaigns, get big-picture and drill-down views of delivery, bounces, opens, click-throughs, performance trends, and more.



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