What's Your Personal Brand?

Your smile is your LOGO, your personality is your BUSINESS CARD, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your TRADEMARK.

Your Personal Brand is how people perceive YOU, not just your business. Have you ever met someone that you admired or connected with so well that you were just looking for a reason to do business with them? Or, have you ever been so turned off by someone that it didn't matter if he or she solved a problem you've been having for years, you wouldn't deal with them under any circumstances? Most people don't fall completely into either category, but striving to be a memorable "brand" - someone that people want to deal with - is a tried and true way to also help you grow your business.

While it is important for others to know what your business is, you cannot overlook that it is even more important for them to know YOU. Everyone buys products and services from people they like and trust. Developing a memorable brand is just as important as building you business' brand.

How do you develop a personal brand?

  • On and off social media! You need to build a strong, positive presence online and in your community.

work until you no longer have to introduce yourself

  • Participate in group chats - but don't get into heated discussions.
  • Take online relationships offline - meet in person so people get to know the real you.
  • Fill out your online profiles thoroughly and keep them current.
  • Be a good listener when you are in a group or at a networking event.
  • Avoid TMI!! Don't share too much information or inappropriate information. It makes people uncomfortable.

Picture of a dog - when the person you just met starts telling you personal stories

  • It's okay to say NO sometimes. Be sure to take advatage of many new opportunities that present themselves, but don't run yourself ragged either. Pick and choose the best choices for getting involved and showing off your best personal brand.
  • Continue to challenge yourself regularly!
  • Sponsor, donate, and volunteer in your community.

Bottle cap with quote

  • Infuse your brand with things that are important to you - generosity, integrity, warmth, humor.
  • Surround yourself with people that inspire you.
  • Define your personal and professional goals

Follow and emulate people who motivate you. Grow and stay fresh - it's an ongoing process. Enjoy the journay!