Planning For 2016!

The beginning of a New Year is a great time for reflection on what went well (and what didn't) and a good time to make specific plans for the future. Careful planning is an essential requirement of every successful business. As your last "to-do" in 2015 schedule a Monday morning planning session with your staff or team to start the New Year off on the right foot. A discussion about the upcoming year can help everyone solidify both short- and long-term goals and gain consensus by providing a clearly defined direction and action plan.

Following are some suggestions for 2016 conversations as they relate to your business planning and strategies:

Set Goals 
Collaborate and share company goals and plans with staff for next year – this is key.
Reflect On Accomplishments
Make a list of all the company’s and your major accomplishments from the past year. Reflect and celebrate with your staff.
New Products or Services
Build excitment with new products in development or new services you may be offering.
Set Budgets
Discuss the budgets for new initiatives.
Keep Current
Check all of the links on your website to make sure they are active and update any information to keep your site current.
Be Mobile-Friendly
Be sure your website is Google mobile-friendly. If you’re not sure how, contact us to find out.
Set Benchmarks
Designate specific benchmarks and dates when they must be completed in 2016.
Look Forward
A new year is always a great time to look forward and talk about longer-term business strategies and goals.

Every organization, from solopreneurs to large corporations, must remain disciplined and focused in their planning and implementation in order to see tangible results. When you plan effectively and implement purposefully, you are much more likely to realize competitive advantages and sustainable profits.

If you’d like to take advantage of a no-obligation marketing strategy meeting for 2016, give us a call at 973-299-8001. Or click here to fill out this brief form and we’ll be in touch.

MarketShare Communications wishes you  “Good Planning” and a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year!