How are you going to differentiate your company from competitors this year?

Five silhouettes of people with magnifying glass over the middle person

So here we are — well into 2016 and perhaps for many of you it’s business as usual. We hope that you are doing well and happy with the results of the status quo!

But for some of us business has become more challenging and thus we have to make some changes in “the way we do business” to attract new clients and customers and to grow our organizations.

To begin with, sales are generated mostly through “sales leads.”  So the obvious conclusion is - get more sales leads from a variety of sources. These may include vendors with whom we have relationships, client referrals, friends, family, email marketing, direct mail or perhaps even a referral from someone we meet at a networking event.  No matter where the lead comes from, it’s important to make the right first impression on the prospect. You only get one chance to make a great first impression!

So we ask you, two months into 2016…

  • Do you have an up-to-date website and is it mobile friendly?
  • Does your website clearly state what you do, what types of clients you work with and how those clients benefit from your product or service?
  • Does it answer some of the questions that a new customer may ask about your company?
  • Does it have positive testimonials from satisfied clients, i.e. case histories or success stories?
  • And how about a convenient Contact Us page —  does it have your email address, company address, Google map and telephone number clearly visible.

In other words…are you setting your company apart and giving specific reasons why someone should purchase from you rather than going to a competitor? Are you presenting your strengths and the most important a clear value proposition, well beyond what competitors are offering?

Think about how you can positively impact your prospects to help them make a clear cut choice and select your company over competitors. Once you do, you’ll increase your market share and that means you’ll increase revenues as well.

Call us if you would like a no-obligation consultation to discuss how we can help you differentiate yourself in 2016.