4 Good Reasons to Redesign Your Business Website

Desktop with an arrow leading to a laptop with an arrow leading to a tablet with an arrow leading to a smartphone

Your website is most often the first impression of your business. 

That's where our experienced website development team comes in. Here are some reasons why you might want to give your business website a makeover in 2016:

1. To Make it Mobile-Friendly

This past year we have hit the “Mobile Tipping Point” so it is no longer a discussion of “if” mobile is important…we absolutely know it is! 

Figures suggest that in 2017 more than 90% of internet users will access online content through their phones!* Now you need to make sure your website can be viewed on a wide variety of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Incorporating responsive design into your new or updated website will enable you to reach a larger share of your audience than you would with a website that’s not mobile-friendly. 

2. To Incorporate Social Media

Whether you think so or not your target market is on social media. This has become a fact of life in the business world today. If your website doesn’t incorporate social media in some way, you are behind the times (and probably behind your competitors, as well). Having links to your social media profiles is the bare minimum to consider – even better is adding social sharing tools that make it easy for users to share, retweet, or repin your content. Redesigning your website can help make it easier for users to connect with you socially and spread the word about your business via their social networks. 

3. Your Content Management System Needs an Upgrade

We are all well aware that technology is moving at the speed of light. While it is it unrealistic to think we can keep up with every software update and new trend, it is important to update your website systems periodically. A good content management system (CMS) allows you to easily update your blog postings, event listings and keep site data fresh and current...a necessity for Google and other search engines to find you. Having a CMS that is outdated and hinders your ability to keep current can be a disadvantage to your company. 

4. You Are Not Getting Results

If you have a well-designed website but are still not seeing the results you expect, the fault may lie in understanding users’ behavior. Use of landing pages that track user behavior can make a noticeable impact on your business. Measuring and analyzing the performance of your site and initiatives are fundamental to good marketing.

Think about where you're headed in 2016…the key to an effective website redesign is to create a site that accomplishes your mission, is user-friendly, mobile and sets you apart from your competitors.

* Statista – The Statistics Portal, August 2015