9 Marketing Mistakes Professional Service Firms Make

Here are some of the most common mistakes that are seen when it comes to marketing a professional service practice.

1. Skipping Strategy and Charging Straight Ahead to Tactics.
One of the fastest ways to lose money and become frustrated with marketing is to fall into the “marketing idea of the week” syndrome. Resist the temptation to “just do something” and spend more time developing a solid strategy.

2. Not Finding & Communicating The Remarkable Difference.
To our prospects, one accounting firm looks like another, one attorney looks like another, etc. The most powerful marketing strategy you can employ is to find and communicate how you are different from everyone else who claims to do what you do.

3. Confusing Expectations With Differentiators.
Quality work, good customer service, fair pricing – these don’t set you apart from the crowd. They are table stakes – expectations for being in the game.

4. Creating “Me” Centric Marketing Materials.
One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd in terms of your marketing materials is to stop touting your abilities and focus more on the types of problems you solve for your particular type of clients and how their life is better after they work with you.

5. Failing To Have A System for Referrals.
Most professional service firms say the #1 way they get business is through referrals. However, very few of them have a system in place to make sure referrals happen consistently. If your referrals seem to come “feast or famine”, you probably need to review your referral system.

6. Having An Invisible Website.
Over 70% of US adults begin their search for local services by searching the internet. Do they find your website when they search for “Accountant, Insurance Agent or Attorney” in Northern NJ”?

7. Failing to Cultivate.
For most service professionals, there is a time lag between the times when our clients need our services. If they are not thinking of us before they need us, how likely do you think it is they will remember us when it is time to buy?

8. Not Marketing to Existing Clients.
Don’t forget to keep marketing after the “sale”. You can’t get angry with clients for buying other services you provide from someone else when you didn’t tell them you offered those services as well.

9. Failing to Use A Marketing Calendar.
Successful marketing isn’t about hitting the home run. It’s about doing a few things well and consistently. Get in the habit of working on your marketing system.

Follow these few simple marketing tactics to grow a healthy professional service firm.